Best Pet Carrier For Cats 2020

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Editor’s Choice: Teafco Argo Airline Approved Aero-Pet Carrier

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To take a cat on a trip is to go to a different kind of war altogether.

All proud parents know that when it comes to putting their beautiful little fluff-balls in a carrier, they gotta be patient to face quite a resistance.

And for the most part, that might involve sharp, pointy claws.

Choosing the perfect carrier for your kitty is definitely a tricky mouse to catch. However, with a little knowledge about just the thing, you could certainly get one that pleases your whiskered pal.

Hey, I’m Julie Wilhite, a mama of four beautiful kitties who had to go through her share of struggle when it came to cat carriers.

And today I’m gonna tell you more about some of the best cat carriers that helped me overcome my struggles of traveling with my babies. Stay tuned to know more!

Best Cat Travel Carrier 2020

Teafco Argo Airline Approved Aero-Pet Carrier

best cat carrier for planeThe Teafco Aero-Pet Carrier is definitely one of the most durable cat carriers that I’ve ever used so far. One of the best things about this product is that it is sufficiently spacious for small kitties and puppies. The quick-access top zipper makes it all the more convenient for your pet to have some much-needed breathing space and aperture.

The carrier itself is made out of a lightweight, rugged 840 denier nylon fabric that doesn’t bog you down in any way. The dual mesh windows on the sides make it a comfortable space for your pet to be in during the course of the journey.

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The carrier could be slid conveniently under the airline passenger seat. It keeps your pet safe, preventing the structure from collapsing or rolling over under any circumstances such as turbulence and etc.

The carrier also comes with a compact side pocket that comes in pretty handy for storing pet food and other essentials. My pet cat, Peggy, for instance, always wants to have her favorite yarn around as she tends to get anxious during travels. And this is how I make sure I never forget about her food and stuff.

  • Pretty durable and yet lightweight
  • Easy to clean and dries off easily
  • Spacious and designed conveniently for quick access to your pet
  • Dual mesh windows keep it cool and comfortable for your pet
  • Doesn’t have a rear access outlet

Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carriers

best airline approved cat carrierSherpa creates some of the best designs for their pet carriers. I bought Sherpa Original Deluxe when I had to leave on vacation with Dory, my 2-year old cat.

These deluxe pet carriers come in 3 different sizes, namely large, medium, and small that fit different sizes and weight ranges.

What I like best about this carrier is that it is deemed “airlines approved” for some of the major domestic airlines. It is conveniently designed for bot accessibility and comfort for your pet.

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Dory is around 18 pounds and I used the large one for her.

The carrier comes with wide mesh panels to offer all the ventilation space your pet needs for travels. Some of the features that my cat and I both like are the top, side, and especially rear opening that makes it easy for your pet to step in and out of it comfortably.

It also consists of an additional seat-belt as an extra protective measure for your pet.

  • The carrier is substantially spacious for both cats and dogs
  • It could be comfortably slid under the seat
  • Includes a free travel pet-bowl
  • Come with a protective seat-belt
  • Could take an effort to clean

MidWest Homes for Pets Skudo Plastic Carrier

best airline cat carrierThe MidWest Homes plastic carriers are some of the most durable pet carriers that you could avail right now. The brand has been out there long enough to be known for its quality that makes these carriers sturdy enough to last for a long time.

I had one of these MidWest carriers for my grumpy little tom-cat, Sam, which can get super-frisky on airplanes. And with all due respect to him, Sam’s a fat little cat weighing over 20 pounds which can’t be restrained with standard bags.

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The MidWest carriers come with snap-lock buckles that enable you to set it up quickly. The larger carriers are spacious enough for bigger pets consisting of wide vent-slots that offer maximum visibility along with ample air to keep them comfortable throughout your journey.

I like that these carriers have a metal grid door with a security lock instead of just a plastic door, providing additional security during turbulent situations.

However, the lids have plastic hinges that could get bent easily.

  • Approved for airline use
  • Wide vent slots provide ample ventilation and visibility
  • Durable metal grid door with safety lock
  • Could be easily cleaned out; dries off fast
  • Plastic hinges could snap off after a point of time

Pet Dog Carrier Soft Sided Cage Travel Crate by Pet Guard

best cat carrier for nervous catsThis soft-sided travel cage from Pet Guard is designed specifically for providing all the comfort in the world for your pet.

The carrier provides a very cozy den-like atmosphere with proper ventilation keeping your pets secure and comfortable throughout your journey together.

This particular carrier is ideal for younger pets (kittens and puppies) offering a fleece-covered wood board at the bottom for extra support and comfort.

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I bought this one for my youngest cat, Nina, back when she was a few weeks old, and we had to take her for her weekly checkups.

The carrier provides adequate airflow from all four sides owing to the mesh ventilation and ample visibility along with it.

The carrier is easy to set up. It folds up conveniently and can be stored anywhere in the house. I also like the fact that the fleece pad could be machine-washed easily.

  • Provides the utmost comfort to younger pets
  • Amply ventilated interior space
  • Folds up conveniently and can be stored anywhere
  • The durable metal frame holds the shape of the structure
  • Could be a hassle to clean out

Buyers’ Guide To The Best Cat Carrier


The major determinant to consider while buying a cat carrier is the size, shape, and dimension of the carrier. It can be extremely uncomfortable and suffocating for your pet if you get a smaller size than what is required for them. Too large of a carrier may fail to keep your pet secure in the den during turbulent conditions, causing them to slip and slide within the structure.

Most brands will offer size charts according to your pets’ height and weight which you should consult before buying. There should be ample space for your pet to walk around and stretch comfortably within the carrier.


Never, and I repeat, NEVER go for carriers with tiny windows. Proper ventilation is a major requirement for pets. Always remember that your pet is going to remain in the carrier for a significant amount of time and they will require all the air they could get while in there.

Always opt for carriers that have wide-slotted ventilation panels and/or wide mesh ventilation windows that allow fresh air to circulate in the space at all times.

This will keep your pet comfortable and continuously remove heat from the carrier so that your pets don’t feel confined and jittery.

Access Points

Now, the deal with kitties and carriers is that they hate getting into them. And the claws can come out when you least expect it.

It is always better to go for something that offers a few good access points from which you could enter your kitty into the carrier. A rear opening on the carrier is a good thing to have, especially if your cat gets too frisky and anxious in the space.

Essentials’ Pockets

Pockets could come in really handy for storing essentials for your kitty. Travelling could be a really stressful experience for cats, and it could get them all riled up and jittery. Pockets on the carrier can safely store food, water, and all your kitties’ essentials.

You could find many such carrier options that will offer specialized slots and holder pockets for your pets’ favorite things. These will help keep your kitty calm and content throughout their journey.

Durability and Security

You should never compromise the quality of your pet carrier. On a trip, these carriers would be a home for your cats and their safe place during the journey. And it goes without saying that in order to contain every mood of your pet in any situation, the carrier needs to be durable. Never settle for cheap alternatives with flimsy material to save a penny or two. These could break, rip, or lead to nasty accidents.

Along with durability, ensure that the carrier structure is safe and secure for your pet. It should hold up in any condition, maintaining the comfort of your pets.

Safety buckles and straps are always good additions that assure complete protection for your pets.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning out pet carriers could be a huge hassle. Since trips could be difficult for pets especially cats, they might need to go on frequent toilet breaks. And there may also arise situations which would require for a big cleanup job.

Consider getting the kind of material that could be easily cleaned, such as plastic or tough nylon. You can also go for carriers with removable bases that allow you to machine-wash them.


And with that, we come to the very end of this extensive review on cat carriers. I hope I was able to provide you with sufficient insights into pet carriers and how you could choose the ideal carrier for your cats.

I’m gonna be back with more of such cutesy kitty stuff again soon!

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