Cat Food Reviews 2020

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Editor’s Choice: Purina ONE Indoor Advantage Cat Food

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Taking care of pets is the kind of responsibility that we love and enjoy… for the most part.

Having your four-legged buddy comfortably curled up on your lap at the end of the day seems to rid you of all the stress in life!

However, for well-known reasons, things can get a tad bit challenging if that pet happens to be a cat, for you know you can’t pet or feed them on your time if they don’t want that.

And if things get a little forceful, be prepared for the angry scratches because ‘em claws gonna come out!

One of the most difficult things about cats is getting their food right. Every cat will have different cat food preferences, and finding just the ideal one could take days or even weeks.

Hey, I’m Julie, and I’m a cat-mama of four. And by now, I can say that I know more variants of cat food than that of ice-creams.

So, in the following guide, I’m gonna be telling you about some of the best ones which your furball may come to absolutely love!

Best Cat Food 2020

Rachael Ray Cat Food Reviews 2020

rachael ray cat food reviewsSo, I’ll start the list with something that I have reached out for time and again.

The Rachael Ray Nutrish assortment of food is some of the best variants for cats. This was something that was suggested to me by my neighbor who has two cats of her own. I was delighted to find that 3 of my own kitties simply love it!

What I love most about the brand is that it offers a wide range of flavors that come with a balanced amount of high protein, essential vitamins, and taurine.

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The other fun thing about these is the names of the flavors that include variants like Tuna Purrfection, Ocean Fish-A-Licious, and Chicken And Shrimp Pawttenesca.

These cat foods are also entirely free from artificial colors, preservatives, corn, wheat, or soy ingredients that make it safe for cats with a soy allergy. My youngest cat, Nina which has a soy and gluten allergy prefers this over most foods.

  • Contains no artificial colors and flavors
  • Contains real tuna
  • Comes with high protein ingredients like salmon and ocean fish
  • Provides essential vitamins, minerals, and taurine
  • Free of soy, wheat, and corn
  • Comes in a wide range of exciting flavors
  • Not sufficient in quantities

Fromm Cat Food Reviews 2020

fromm cat food reviewsI have been giving cat foods from Fromm to my cats for a good couple of years now. This, in my opinion, has worked really well for all four of my cats, providing a reliable source of nutrients.

One of the things that I really like about this product is that it provides a sufficient amount of food. If you have a cat, you’d know that at times it could get really frustrating to find a good cat meal but not really a good amount of it to provide to your cat.

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Peggy, my 5-year-old, likes to have a good meal two times a day, and this just works great for her! It is a light, grain-free formula that you can safely feed your cats without the risk of allergies. This doesn’t make my cats sick or gassy in any way.

However, this stuff can be expensive. It will last you for quite a while, nevertheless.

  • Light, grain-free formula that could be given to most cats
  • Will not trigger allergies or cause bloatedness
  • A single pack contains a sufficient amount
  • Provides a balanced amount of proteins, minerals, and vitamins
  • Does not react with medicines
  • Can be quite expensive

Halo Cat Food Reviews 2020

halo cat food reviewsHalo Natural is a cat food brand that has garnered many positive reviews since its launch. One of the primary reasons behind its success is the fact that they provide only real whole chicken and chicken liver in their formula. This makes it a substantially high protein food for cats.

It uses non-GMO vegetables, which is a commendable aspect. It also contains a healthy amount of taurine along with other vitamins and minerals. This improves eye and heart health as well as maintaining energy levels in adult cats.

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I have fed this product to my older cats: Sam and Dory, which love the taste of it! The formula is specially designed to improve digestion in cats.

However, this is not a grain-free formula, and it does contain soy extracts. Also, my younger cat, Peggy, finds the smell and taste too strong for the chicken liver ingredient.

  • Contain real chicken and chicken liver
  • Includes only non-GMO vegetables
  • Improves digestion, muscle growth, fur-coat, eyesight and heart health
  • Maintains energy levels in older cats
  • Could be given to growing cats as well
  • Non-reactive to medicines
  • Contains grains and soy extracts
  • Smell and taste can be too intense for some cats

Royal Canin Cat Food Reviews 2020

royal canin cat food reviewsRoyal Canin has provided some great formulas for cats and dogs alike since its launch in the 1960s. They provide a balanced mix of both dry and wet food that retains vital nutrients in the system, along with providing roughage to improve digestion.

This cat food variant provides a balanced combination of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to your cats in delectable flavor. All my cats enjoy this, except Nina. She has a gluten intolerance, and this product does contain wheat flour, so she can’t have it.

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One of the things that the product really helps with is putting a little weight on your furries. I had given this to Peggy when she lost a lot of weight due to a prolonged period of sickness. This formula has helped her gain a fair amount of weight, improving her overall health.

This product is quite expensive, but you can try finding discounts on batches if you are looking to get this.

  • Provides a balanced, high-protein and nutritious diet for cats
  • Aims to improve digestion and help cats gain a little weight
  • Contains a required amount of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates
  • Could be fed to cats during illnesses
  • Contains wheat flour
  • Can be pretty expensive

Tiki Cat Food Review 2020

tiki cat food reviewThis one again is a favorite of all my cats. Tiki Cats has been a known brand of wet cat food that is highly reviewed. It is much loved and enjoyed by most cats, owing to its grain-free formula.

Tiki Cats offers a range of delicious flavors containing real chicken, fish, and other poultry ingredients.

One of the things that I really like about this cat food is that it is a low carbohydrate formula that is high in moisture content. This keeps your cat well-hydrated and also ensures they get all the vitamins and minerals in the required quantities.

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These are also free of grain-ingredients, and this is why I can give this to all my cats, including Nina.

This could also be mixed with medicines as it’s a safe, non-reactive formula, and it will not cause any physical discomfort. However, avoid giving it to your cats in excess.

  • Grains-free nutrition works for all cats
  • Provides a range of delicious flavors
  • Contains real fish and chicken
  • Suited for cats of all ages
  • High-moisture formula keeps your cat well-hydrated
  • Non-reactive to medicines
  • Rich in minerals and vitamins
  • Can cause bloating or diarrhea if fed in excess

Weruva Cat Food reviews 2020

weruva cat food reviewsWeruva was actually one of those brands that I had come across at a pet-welfare program and meeting. It is a family company that aims to provide a moisture and nutrient-rich, low carb wet diet to your cats through their high protein formulas.

I’m actually using the Weruva wet food pouch formulas for my cats presently, and I must admit that it has shown some brilliant results in their overall health.

The Weruva formula is free of grains, gluten, soy, MSG, carignan, and artificial additives. This is “hydration-focused” food. It brings your cats superior proteins such as chicken, fish, shrimp, beef, lamb, and duck along with supplemental water content.

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It improves the bone and muscle health in cats, makes their fur vibrant and shiny as well as boosting energy levels and improving eyesight in older cats.

It is designed for cats of all kinds and ages as well as non-reactive to medication.

However, do start out slow with the formula and maintain a stable quantity, as these can be a tad bit too strong initially.

  • Safe, anti-allergenic and gluten-free formula
  • Comes with a range of delicious cat food meals
  • Hydration-focused, high-protein formula
  • Certified dolphins and sea turtles safe
  • Contains several vital minerals and vitamins
  • Could be a bit strong initially

Purina One Cat Food Reviews 2020

purina one reviewThis one right here is for older cats. The Purina ONE is really beneficial if you have an aging cat at home in need of a high-energy diet.

The formula is developed to provide high amounts of several essential vitamins and minerals to replenish any deficiency of these nutrients. It is a dry cat food that improves digestion, increases energy levels, and promotes healthy weight gain in adult cats.

Sam, my oldest cat, is about 12 now. I give this formula to him and Dory, which is a little more than 10 now.

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One of the best ingredients in the formula is Omega-6 fatty acids. It helps improve skin and fur as well as the overall cardiovascular health of cats.

It also helped clear up Peggy’s plaque build-up, brightening up her teeth.

The only thing that you need to remember is to never feed a young cat this formula. It also contains soy and gluten complexes and is only suited for mature systems.

  • Improves skin, dental and cardiovascular health in older cats
  • Increases energy levels, reduces hairballs and promotes healthy weight gain
  • Replenishes vital nutrients in aging cats
  • Dry cat food variant improves digestion
  • Includes soy and gluten complexes
  • Not suited for younger cats

Solid Gold Cat Food Reviews 2020

solid gold cat food reviewsSolid Gold has been a trusted brand of cat food for a long time that provides high-quality, grain-free meals for your furry goofballs.

It includes only premium-grade USA-raised chicken, ocean fish, and egg-protein along with high peas-fiber content.

But the really beneficial aspect of this cat food is the addition of protective fiber-rich probiotics and omega fatty acids in the formula which helps to improve gut health and the immune system. The formula restores vital nutrients in the body.

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Additionally, the formula also contains a rich reserve of 20 superfoods that include elements such as broccoli, pumpkin, blueberries, almond oil, kelp, and so much more. It ensures a healthy system, shiny fur, and a happy cat!

The formula could be fed to cats of all ages thanks to its safe, non-allergenic formula.

However, if your kitty hates peas as my Nina does, it could get challenging to get them to like this food.

  • The safe, non-allergenic and gluten-free dry formula could be fed to any cat
  • Contains essential probiotics and omega fatty acids that improve gut functions and immunity
  • Comes with 20 superfoods
  • Improves fur-coat and overall health
  • Rich fiber content helps digestion
  • Strong pea taste may not be appealing to some cats
  • Expensive

Orijen Cat Food Reviews 2020

orijen cat food reviewsThe Orijen cat food delivers a good dose of high proteins included in its whole-animal ingredients containing chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs.

It also adds the required ratio of meat, organs, bone, and cartilage along with vegetables and fruits from their Kentucky farms and orchards.

However, in my opinion, it is better to feed this to older cats rather than younger ones, as the formula could be a bit strong.

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I had fed this a couple of times to my cats, and my two older ones had responded well to it. However, it didn’t work for my younger Peggy, which just didn’t like it much. My youngest 2-year-old Nina had thrown the entire thing up.

If you do want to try the formula out, remember to start it out really slow by taking minimum amounts and then increasing it over time.

  • Contains a balanced mix of meat, eggs, fish, fruits, and vegetables
  • The brand provides only free-run chicken and turkey along with wild-caught fish
  • Grains-free, non-allergenic and gluten-free dry formula
  • Improves digestion and energy levels
  • Strong formula
  • May not suit all cats, especially younger ones

Simply Nourish Cat Food Reviews 2020

simply nourish cat food reviewsSimply Nourish is a nice and tasty snack for your cats that you can feed them on the go, by hand or simply sprinkle on top of their food.

A single pack contains 4 easy-to-carry pouches containing a tuna and salmon recipe for your kitties.

3 of my cats love this, and it’s quite easy to feed it to them as quick-bites.

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Sam likes to have this with his daily bowl of fiber mix, while Peggy and Dory just love to munch on it from time to time. I give it to them when they seem to be in a cranky mood so that they would just put the claws away.

However, the only reason I can’t give it to Nina is that the ingredients list seems a bit incomplete to me. There isn’t a clear update on gluten or other allergenic substances.

So, you should watch out for that if your pets have an allergy to particular foods.

  • Can be fed on the go as a snack
  • Tasty tuna and salmon recipe
  • Can be easily carried on travels
  • Can be fed by hand or added to other cat foods
  • May contain allergens

Pure Balance Cat Food Review 2020

pure balance cat food reviewThis one’s another snack for kitties, and it’s from a reliable brand, in my opinion. Pure Balance offers a grain-free, high-protein “poached-salmon” cat treat, which all of my kitties enjoy!

It could be easily fed to them as a quick bite on the go, and it does include formula rich in vitamins and minerals.

This is a safe one right here which you can feed to younger cats as well. I frequently interchange this with the Simply Nourish treats for 3 older cats, but Nina gets to have only this, owing to its confirmed non-allergenic status.

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This particular brand also provides the benefit of being non-reactive to cat meds. So, you can easily give your cats their medications mixed with this.

The one problem that I have with this is that it’s not available all the time at retail stores and is often sold at a much higher price on the internet.

  • Delicious, high-protein cat treats that can be fed on the go
  • Grains-free formula that could be given to any cat
  • Includes vitamins and minerals
  • Can be used to flavor other cat foods
  • Non-reactive to meds
  • Can be overpriced on the internet

Purina Beyond Cat Food Reviews 2020

purina beyond cat food reviewsThe last cat food variant that I’m going to discuss is from Purina again. It is from their Beyond line, which fares well for adults.

Purina Beyond is a wet cat food mix that contains real chicken and fish along with a well-balanced quantity of vegetables. The formula is free of grains or any sort of soy complexes that makes it suitable for all cats. A handful of essential vitamins and minerals completes the wholesomeness of the blend.

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I have fed this to my older cats, Sam and Dory, a few times in the past. And although they have benefitted from the formula, the taste was too strong for them.

I would also like to mention over here that some users have found Menadione, a form of Vitamin K, to be one of the ingredients. And some have said its long-term use could be harmful to your pet’s health. So, I’d recommend you to make an informed decision about that.

  • Contains real chicken and fish
  • Grains-free formula causes no allergic reactions
  • Includes essential vitamins and minerals
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Can be too strong for some
  • Questionable menadione status

Buying Guide For Cat Food

It goes without saying that choosing the ideal cat food for your pet can be a significant challenge.

The key to getting it right is to know what exactly to look for while buying the product.

Also, you must remember that not all cat foods will be suitable for all ages, and some cats may have an acute sensitivity to certain ingredients contained in them.

That is why we have prepared the following guide, which will inform you about the right ways to select the ideal cat food.

Always read the label first

No matter what kind of cat food you choose, you must read the label or the package of the product. These will have all the information regarding the food type, ingredients, and the brand clearly written on them.

This helps you understand the formula better and whether it will suit your cat or not. Also, remember to check the dates of manufacturing and expiration to make sure you aren’t getting spoiled food for your kitty.

Have a good look at the ingredients

The ideal cat food mix should contain a blend of real animal proteins, fruits and vegetables, added vitamins, good fats, and moisture content in the required proportions.

Animal proteins for cat food can contain any type of meat such as chicken, beef, lamb, or fish, but organ meat including chicken or beef liver are quality ingredients to look for.

Good fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA, ALA) help improve the vital organs of your pets. Carbohydrates could come from potatoes, carrots, and berries, which also provide essential vitamins and nutrients.

The moisture content is a vital element that keeps your pets hydrated and improves the quality of their fur-coat.

Choose a cat food type according to your cat’s age

Cat foods are primarily manufactured in two forms: wet and dry. While dry foods could be easily given to all adult cats, it may not be the very best for kittens. In such cases, you can consider buying wet food, which could even be a better option for an unwell cat.

However, you can also feed your cat both types interchangeably from time to time.

Cat’s sensitivity and allergy to certain ingredients

This is undoubtedly a crucial part of selecting food for your pet. Like humans, cats can be allergic to a number of food substances as well. These may include gluten contained in wheat, soy, nuts, or anything that your cat may be specifically allergic to.

While some reactions caused by such substances can be extremely irritable or painful, some can even be life-threatening. So you must be informed of your pet’s allergies before you feed it anything.

To help you with it, here’s a list of all the things that you should AVOID feeding your cat:

  • Foods containing synthetic or artificial preservatives, including BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin
  • Artificial flavors and colors, including Red 40, Blue 2, Yellow 5, or caramel coloring
  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Sugar
  • Soy
  • Carrageenan
  • Vitamin 3K
  • Sodium Nitrate
  • Rendered fat (can aid mold or bacterial growth)
  • Anything labeled as a “by-product” (can be questionable substances)
  • Any nondescript or vague “meat” (can be questionable substance if the animal source is not identified)

Final Words

So that was it for my review on some of the best variants of cat foods available in the market right now.

I hope I was able to suggest some good choices for your kitties.

And here’s wishing all health and love to them!

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