Cat Water Fountain Reviews 2020

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Editor’s Choice: PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Cat Water Fountain

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I’m the proud owner of two adopted cats and I try to do whatever I can for my cats, but every once in a while, I come back home and see the cat bowl empty and my cat is drinking stale water from the kitchen sink or worse yet, the toilet.

After seeing that way too many times than I wanted to, I thought this was it! I don’t want them to fall sick and it’s high time I got my cats a water fountain. So for all of my fellow cat owners, here’s my review of some of the better water fountains out in the market today.

Best Cat Fountain 2020

PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda

best water dish for catsThis is a premier water fountain and it certainly looks the part. Made out of ceramic with a total water capacity of 70 oz, PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda is completely non-toxic, and the carbon and foam filters keep it clean which makes your cat want to drink more water.

It has dual streams that flow down from it and the water collects on an upper and a lower level, which is ideal if one of your cats is smaller in size and the other is bigger. If your pet is old and arthritic, they would definitely appreciate the elevated platform.

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My experience with the product

Your cat needs about one ounce of water per pound of its body weight. If it is dehydrated, it can fall sick and you might even end up paying hefty bills at the vet.

This 70 oz capacity is more than sufficient, no matter how many cats you have. The water keeps recirculating so there is always enough water for all your cuddly companions.

The problem with recirculating water is that the water runs the risk of getting dirty and contaminated without a proper filter. Fortunately, this cat water fountain is equipped with an activated carbon filter made of coconut shells. This will also remove bad tastes and odors. We all know how picky cats can be when it comes to their food and drink.

An added foam filter will also soak up any hair or fur which fall into the fountain. All these features keep your pet’s water clean and bacteria-free, and it will definitely make your pets want to drink more water every day.

My two cats liked this water fountain so much that they started playing around it. I would also frequently see both of them drinking from it at the same time. Sometimes they would try to chew the ceramic bowl as well, which was quite fun to look at.

  • Dual streams which pump water continuously
  • 70 oz water collection capacity
  • Upper and lower levels for differently sized pets
  • Carbon filters keep the water bacteria-free
  • Foam filters soak up hair and other pollutants
  • A little expensive
  • You need to clean the pump every 2-4 weeks

AquaPurr eC

best pet fountain for catsThe best thing I like about cats is that they are low maintenance. They are fine staying by themselves and don’t demand constant attention. The AquaPurr eC is just as low maintenance a water fountain as my cats are. It’s a great product and it is pitched as a water fountain that you never have to clean, and honestly, that’s a load off my mind.

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My experience with the product

There is no complicated setup with this water fountain because, in essence, it’s just another tap. All you have to do is connect it to your faucet. There are plenty of faucet adapters available completely for free, so I guarantee you’ll find one which fits the tap above your sink.

It’s a sensor-activated water faucet like the taps you see in bathrooms in shopping malls or airports. All your cat has to do is walk in front of it and it will trigger the water flow automatically: fresh drinking water whenever your cat wants it. The flow will shut off automatically when your cat moves away.

This will also keep your sink free for your own use and the best part about it is that you never have to clean it or refill it, as the water is sourced directly from your faucet tap. There is no complicated filters, setup or maintenance work. It’s also super cheap.

It took some time for me to teach my cats how it works and I still don’t think they fully understand that it turns on automatically by their motion, but I think they are getting used to the idea gradually, day by day.

  • Super small and compact (5’’ in diameter and 5.5’’ in height)
  • No cleaning and maintenance work required
  • No noise
  • You retain full use of your sink
  • Highly affordable
  • No separate container for the water to collect
  • Slightly confusing for cats to understand it’s working

LOGROTATE Cat Fountain

best cat water dispenserThis cat fountain from Lorgrotate is another personal favorite of mine. With a total water capacity of 1.8 liter, it is guaranteed to meet your pet’s daily requirements and more. The best bit about this water fountain is that it has an adjustable pump which lets you choose a setting from low, medium and high. This lets you set an optimal water flow level so that water does not splash on your floor or on your furry friends.

This product also comes with a silicone mat which absorbs most of the water which overflows.

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My experience with the product

The product originally ships with the pump in the lowest setting so I was surprised to see so little water coming out. When i turned it up to high, I splashed water all over my cats and they promptly ran away from the room. I finally saw that it works best in the setting called “less strongest.”

The water emitted, however, was as clean as I’ve ever seen. I attribute this to the use of not one, but a double-layered coconut shell activated carbon filter. The additional foam filter totally ensures that the water is crystal clear and clean enough to make sure your cats get their daily dose of hydration.

Whenever I got myself a low-quality water fountain, the pump made so much noise that it scared the cats away. This pump, however, is constructed and fitted in such a manner that the noise output is less than 45 dB, which is perfect if your cat tends to get scared easily.

My cats initially must have thought it’s some sort of weird alien gadget, and it took them some time getting used to the rather weird shape of the fountain, but it all worked out ultimately.

  • Dual-layered carbon filter for added purification
  • Adjustable water pump offers more oxygen in the water
  • High water storage capacity
  • Total noise output is low
  • Weird shape
  • Chance of spillage

IPETTIE Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

best ceramic cat fountainLast up on our list is this absolute beauty of a product from Ipettie. Made entirely of ceramic, this one makes for a beautiful addition to your home. Not only will your cats totally love it, but you’re also sure to hear a lot of compliments from your neighbors, friends, and relatives as well.

It has a huge 2-liter capacity which is enough for a single pet for two weeks. This product provides three streams of crystal clear water flow which has been filtered with ultra-fine foam and activated carbon filters. On top of that, the non-toxic ceramic ensures that there’s no charcoal dust or container residue.

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My experience with the product

This does feel a little too big for my house. In fact, it’s big enough to give a cat a bath. Fortunately, my cats have never been too fond of water and they try their hardest to stay away from it. However, they are prone to falling sick, which is why I make sure that the water they drink is absolutely clean.

This product has a three-stage purification system, where the foam filter captures all hair and debris, while the carbon filter adds more oxygen and remove contaminated molecules leaving the water free from bad tastes and odors.

The best thing about this product is the free-flowing triple water stream. Something about the sight of a stream of running water flowing down seems to make it appear clearer and cleaner and my cats seem to think so too. On top of that, the totally mute pump ensures they don’t get surprised or scared.

  • Huge 2-liter capacity
  • Triple flowing streams
  • Activated carbon and foam filters
  • Porcelain, robust construction
  • Muted pump
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Looks superb
  • The pump is a little slow to start up
  • Replacement filters are expensive

Buying Guide For The Best Cat Drinking Fountain

When it comes to buying a water fountain for your cat, you need to ensure that the water fountain has at least these features. Otherwise, your cat may never go near it.


Most of the cat water fountains are equipped with at least a carbon filter. It’s helpful if the carbon filter is made out of natural elements like coconut shells. The carbon filter is absolutely important as it gets rid of dangerous pesticides, parasites, and disease-causing bacteria.

The carbon filter also gets rid of bad tastes and odors. Cats are insanely picky and most cats will never go near a foul-smelling water source. It would be an added benefit if your filter has a foam filter as well. This will soak up cat hairs and fur and will keep the water fountain clean.

Make sure you clean your filters frequently at least once in a couple of weeks, even if the company says once a month is enough.

High Capacity

This is the second most important feature in a water fountain. Granted cats don’t drink all that much, but you still wouldn’t want your water fountain to run out of water while you’re at work. It’s also an immense drag to have to replace the water every few days.

Water capacity of 2 liters would be enough for 2 cats for a week. However, if you’ve only got one cat, one liter should be sufficient for almost a week.

Low Noise

Cats hate loud noises. It can be physically and psychologically taxing for cats to be around a water fountain which makes a lot of noise. They will just straight up not drink from it.

Get yourself a water fountain which is advertised as low-noise with a noise rating of less than 60 decibels ideally. It’s even better if the filter is hidden deep underneath the water fountain’s construction.

Good Quality Construction

The water fountain should be heavy and sturdy enough that your cat isn’t able to knock it over and spill all the water. Ideal materials for construction are stainless steel, ceramic and non-toxic plastic.

Ceramic is the best choice as it is super hygienic and also really durable. If it’s steel, make sure it’s stainless steel which does not rust or leak iron into the water. If the water fountain has a dripping fountain, it’s the most attractive for a cat as opposed to one that simply dispenses water into a bowl or jar.

Easy to Clean

You will need to clean the water fountain every once in a while, no matter how good the filters are. Choose one that has a very cleaning-friendly design for both the dispenser and the bowl.


Well, there you have it. That’s my list for the best cat water fountains available in the market today. If you are looking for something with absolutely no-frills and maintenance, the first one is a pretty good choice.

The other three are more old-fashioned and seem to be agreed by cats everywhere. Just make sure that the water emitted is clean, the fountain is strong enough to withstand damage from cats’ paws, and the pump is silent enough to not scare away your kitties.

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