Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank Kit Review

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A beginner-friendly aquarium that specifically caters to petting tropical fish is not all that easy to come by.

The ones that are readily available in the market need expert maintenance, and you’ll probably have to keep a lot of things in mind before housing it in any living space.

So, if you are one such individual who just loves tropical fish and want to finally dip your toes into raising a few of them, then the Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank might just be the best solution.

However, even though this tank comes with a fantastic array of features, we will still not be recommending it for the more adept and professional users, as it lacks a lot of flexibility. But it’s perfect for beginners.

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Aqueon Tank Reviews 2020: What makes it such an attractive choice?

Convenience and ease of use

aqueon aquarium reviewsOne of the major problems that many beginners have with the more standard aquariums is the lack of a proper feeding mechanism. This is one of the primary things that puts them off from the hobby as it’s one of the most complicated tasks to accomplish apart from cleaning and maintenance.

However, this model from Aqueon comes with its very own dedicated feeding door, which is extremely easy to operate.

Not only does it conveniently allow hand feeding, but it saves up a lot of time during the feeding process as well. If you generally tend to have a very busy schedule all throughout the week, then this aquarium can help you immensely in keeping your fish fed and healthy.

Additionally, the lid to this aquarium remains completely closed as well and will protect the fish from jumping accidentally.

Energy Saving LED

Not many aquariums can provide viewing clarity to the same amount of fish that the Aqueon brings to the table. This level of clarity is all thanks to the high-shine LED lights that come with the kit.

Though bright, it’s still easy on the eyes and consumes a very low amount of electrical energy even when illuminating the entirety of a 20-gallon tank.

The Filtration System

aqueon tank reviewsThe Aqueon comes with a Pro Power Filtration system which works up a five-stage cleaning process to completely clean out the tank and keep your fish healthy and safe.

From treating bacteria, microbes and even medium traces of DOC, Aqueon goes the extra mile in making sure that your first ever fish keeping experience is an amazing one.

Moreover, this filter is one of the quietest that you will ever find. Though big in size (courtesy of the five-step process), it keeps a very low volume and will hardly emit any sound when working. Hence, if you have sensitive ears, then you’re in luck.

When it comes to battery charging, the filter will not require any form of guesswork from you to figure out when it’s out of juice. It comes with an LED light marker on the surface which will shine and prompt you that its cartridge is running out and will need a charge soon.

The Heating

The Aqueon is made primarily for tropical fish. Hence, instead of a regulator, it has a preset heater which warms the water to 78 degrees, which is the ideal temperature for tropical fish.

What about the Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank that disappoints?

To start off, the lack of the tank’s flexibility can be an issue for many users who are looking to keep more than just tropical fish. Hence, the lack of temperature adjust feature here can indeed be very inconvenient.

So, if you want to give a shot at keeping goldfish, then we would recommend that you don’t opt for Aqueon.

Secondly, the silicone-based structure of the tank was not as durable as we would have liked it to be. It’s quite prone to cracks and scratches from external physical forces, and you will have to tread lightly when trying to clean the tank.



  • Low maintenance fish tank, perfect for beginners
  • Five-stage filtration process keeps the fish healthy and water clean
  • Convenient feeding door, very easy to use
  • Temperature is preheated for tropical fish keeping


  • The build is not durable
  • Lacks a temperature control feature


The Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank is just perfect for collecting and keeping tropical fish without the hassle of added maintenance and responsibilities. Though it might not be something that veteran hobbyists are looking for, it’s still one of the best choices for beginners.

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