Biocube 32 Review 2020

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Aquarium and fish keeping can indeed be an incredibly rewarding pastime experience for many.

However, the amount of time, effort, and upkeep that it requires have often put off a lot of beginner fishkeepers from thinking fondly of aquatic life ever again.

Coralife takes this very plight of the beginners into consideration and has come up with a fish tank, which alongside being budget-friendly is also incredibly simple to maintain.

It boasts all the features of high-end aquarium models, but minus all the complexities and responsibilities that go along with it.

The Biocube has an incredible jazz based design that imparts the tank with a rather modern yet classic appeal, making it just perfect for a variety of homes and living spaces.

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Tank construction and design

coralife biocube 32 review

To start off, let us first get into the tank’s basic construction and design.

The Biocube is designed a lot like those sleek, expensive fish tanks that you see in the movies, especially the James Bond movies if we may add.

But one note of the difference between those and Biocube is in the size and transparency. The Biocube is much smaller and much more portable; it also has a modern-jazz like appeal with a beautiful black body and smooth curved edges.

The transparency is amazing as well, and it is one of the major things that sets the Biocube apart from the rest of its competition.

The Filtration System

biocube 32 reviewWhen it comes to the filtration system, the Biocube provides its customers with one of the best that the aquarium market has to offer.

It has a submersible pump which keeps the filters surprisingly quiet considering the size of the tank. Unlike most systems within its price range, the filter of the Biocube is built in and has a dual intake with an adjustable return nozzle for easier maintenance.

The system itself also has 3 unique chambers where each compartment is reserved for one particular task.

While the first chamber is for treating water especially bacteria and algae, the second one houses the submersible pump, and the third holds the heater and phosphorous based filtering media.

This is precisely what makes the tank so very compact and require less space during storage.

Temperature Regulation

biocube review

A majority of the amateurs and beginner fish keepers are not aware of the importance of temperature and how it can actively affect marine life.

May it be for your reefs or even your precious clownfishes, the temperature settings can be the difference between your tank going from a lush coral reef vegetation and lively fish to a literal graveyard of fish corpses and plant decay.

Hence, with this very thought in mind, Coralife has sought to provide the Biocube with a very convenient temperature control system to allow you to have maximum control over the aquarium.

The Biocube supports a cooling fan as well, which can help prevent the water from excessively heating up due to the warmth from LED lights.

It comes equipped with all of the things that a beginner fish keeper can ever ask for to maintain their fish and tank as effectively and effortlessly as possible.

What about the Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium could have been better?

With a 3-chambered filtration system, the Biocube may be able to clean water with low DOC (dissolved organic carbon) levels easily. But for water with higher levels of it, an aquarium will need a proper Nano Protein Skimmer which the Biocube lacks.

So, make sure that when you get this tank, you choose those fishes which emit low levels of DOC.

Secondly, though the Biocube has a compact design, it’s not at all portable because of the weight. Once filled with water, it will be 56 pounds alone and when mixed with a bit of coral, plant, and fish, moving around with it will be near impossible.



  • Compact build supports an attractive, sleek black design
  • 3-chambered filtration system for better management
  • Temperature settings are very easy to use
  • Comes with a fan to cool the water from the LED heat


  • Doesn’t come with a Nano Protein Skimmer
  • Not portable at all when the tank is full


If you’re searching for an easy to use and maintain fish tank with an incredibly sleek and modern design, then the Biocube from Coralife might just be what you need.

With a smart temperature control feature and unique filtration systems, it can be the go-to aquarium for any beginner.

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