biOrb Classic 15 Aquarium Review

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biorb review

The biOrb Classic 15 Aquarium is just perfect for those beginner fish owners who want a hassle-free yet stylish fish rearing experience.

This aquarium model has a fantastic design, to say the least, and is capable enough to be the center of attraction for any living space as well as for any social gathering

When we tried out this aquarium for ourselves, we were pleasantly surprised to find it to be extremely easy to install.

With its hidden filtration system, along with the compact size, we were able to fit it anywhere in a room.

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biOrb Aquarium Reviews 2020: Why can it be your pick for the day?

The Build

When it comes to the positives, let us first start off with what this aquarium is primarily made up of. Instead of glass, biOrb chooses acrylic as the go-to manufacturing material for this particular model.

Acrylic is much lighter than glass in comparison. Overall, it offers better clarity as well and uniquely balances both functional and decorative purposes.

Another advantage that acrylic has over glass is that it’s much more scratch resistant. It’s flexible enough to resist bumps and physical damage better, and even if it falls from a greater height and breaks, the pieces are easier to remove than glass as well.

biorb aquarium reviews The Filtration

With such a small and portable body with hidden filtration features, one would not expect this aquarium to keep the water all that clean. However, the biOrb surprised us in that category as well.

The aquarium comes with a five-stage filtration system that cleans the water in five unique and separate stages. Where the standard filters clean the entirety of the water at one go using one single process; this system, on the other hand, divides the load into “biological, mechanical, chemical, water stabilization and oxygenation”.

By providing each aspect with its very own system, the five-step process thoroughly cleans up the dirty water and leaves no traces of microbes behind.

The Design

The biOrb aquarium comes with an incredibly unique design. Not only is it able to successfully subvert the generic square shape, but with the improved LED lighting, this is a standout choice among all other accessories in the house.

Not many aquariums can boast itself to be coffee table worthy. However, the biOrb is so practically designed that it will not look out of place wherever you keep it.

But do keep in mind that the lighting and filter will need an outlet within them and hence, as long as that requirement is satisfied, you can place this aquarium anywhere you choose.

Perfect for Beginner

biorb fish tank reviewsWhat makes this aquarium the perfect choice for beginner fish owners is the added essentials that come with the complete package.

Apart from the convenient LED lighting, the biOrb will also provide you with an onboard functional filtration system. It also provides a catalog of the fish which best suit this model, along with certain fish feed and extra filtration mediums so that you don’t have to work all that hard to keep the tank fit and running.

Moreover, the LED and the filter share the same electric lighting, and so rushing out to find another extension cord will not be necessary.

What about the biOrb Aquarium disappoints?

When it comes to the cons, one gripe that we do have with this aquarium is with the price tag. Sure, the tank itself is sturdy and made with high-quality materials, however for the price that we pay for it, we did expect it to come with some accessories which it didn’t.

The added accessories cost a lot as well.

Additionally, even though the filtration system is small and hidden, the five-step process does tend to make a humming sound, which can be inconvenient for a lot of buyers.



  • The five-stage filtration process keeps the water extremely clean and microbe free
  • Small and portable build supports a very aesthetically pleasing design
  • Beginner friendly and comes with all the essentials
  • Acrylic is much more durable and scratch resistant than glass


  • The filtration process is not silent
  • A much more expensive aquarium choice


Even though it’s a bit more on the expensive side, we still find the biOrb Classic 15 Aquarium to be the perfect choice for beginner fish owners who are looking for a fish tank that can double as an accessory. It’s smart, durable, compact, with low maintenance hassles, and it’s really not all that surprising as to why it has been growing in popularity lately.

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