Fluval Filters Review 2020

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We all know how precious our aquatic pets are to us.

And we can do anything to keep them safe from all forms of external as well as internal water pollutants.

So, who better to know what’s best for your fish, than the fish people themselves?

By “fish people” here I mean Fluval Aquatics; those who have been in the aquarium and the aquarium treatment scene for over decades now.

They have an extensive range of fish care products like filter canisters, bio-foams, and fantastic aquariums that have grown to be incredibly popular over the years.

Not only are Fluval an incredibly sought after aquarium brand, but they were also pioneers in many of the aquarium and filter technologies that we see today.

So, take a seat back and let us tell you a bit about this amazing brand and some of their top-selling products.

About Fluval the Fish Company

Fluval first appeared in the aquatic scene all the way back in 1975 and was the very first to pioneer a 3-stage filter system that boasted a synchronous motor technology.

This was more or less like a groundbreaking technology at that point of time but has become an aquarium standard ever since.

1975 onwards, Fluval has garnered a reputation for being one of the best brands in the fish tank cleaning and aquarium scene and has built up quite a legacy around their pioneering spirit.

However, unlike most of their competitors, Fluval was open to change and quite flexible about both their technology as well as filter/tank designing style.

This was one of the reasons why it helped the company adapt to a changing fish market, which was coming up with newer and better aquarium solutions every day.

Fluval products such as canister filters and aquariums are characterized by how efficient they are in their workings. They provide higher flow rates and flexible media selections which treat the aquarium water for chemical, phosphate as well as for other biological pollutants.

The Fluval filter setup process is rather easy as well. They come with a thorough and easy to follow instructions, which will help you have your tank up and running in no time at all.

Their products are also very convenient to clean. Each of them is so designed in such a way that any user will be able to dismantle them and have proper access to all the internal components for better cleaning and maintenance.

Quiet operations are also something the Fluval canisters are hailed for. It hardly emits any sort of noise, and can further minimize the sound and vibrations of the host aquarium by stabilizing the water flow as well as the filtration process.

Some of the top Fluval products

Fluval 206 Review

fluval 206 reviewThe Fluval 206 is one of the better 06 series canister models in their entire line up.

It comes with a lot of improved and advanced features such a more powerful motor which enhances the water flow rate.

The canister can also hold 30 to 50 percent more water than the previous models and thus cleans the tank significantly faster.

The canister also comes with the Fluval patented “Aqua-Stop Valve” system which allows the hose to disconnect with one single motion. This makes maintaining the canister incredibly easy, as you can effortlessly detach it from the tank whenever you want.

The addition of filtration baskets is another thing which we absolutely love about this canister. It comes packed with all the necessary media which treats biological, chemical as well as solid aquatic wastes.

The Fluval 206 Canister Filter is a complete tank cleaning package through and through.

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What could have been better?

Thought this Fluval canister filter is easy to clean and maintain, it doesn’t need frequent maintenance, the lack of which can harm the filtration process of the machine and can clog up the system of the mechanical cleaning process, thereby leading to leaks.



  • A much more improved filter model than the previous Fluval series
  • The motor is much more powerful, provides a smoother water flow
  • Consists of all the cleaning media for multiple water pollutants


  • Needs periodic maintenance, the lack of which can lead to the filter jamming up

Fluval 306 Review

fluval 306 reviewWhen it comes to cleaning your aquarium of all biological wastes and products, not many products will be able to provide you with the same level of performance as that of the Fluval’s Bio-Foam Pad.

When initially put in the water, this pad acts as a medium through which the aquarium water is drawn. It provides mechanical filtration, and when the sponge finally matures and grows bacteria colony on it, it starts to clean up the tank for all biological waste.

This 2-in-1 working mechanism is what makes this Fluval pad such a must-have for all aquarium owners.

You can also power up the cleaning prowess of these pads with the aid of air pumps, powerheads, or even another filter type.

It allows increased motor hydraulic performance for your aquarium that can reduce the maintenance frequency by improving the flow rates and head pressure.

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What could have been better?

One major issue that we do have with the Fluval Bio-Pad is the complete lack of any sort of chemical filtration. As sponge filters have no means to include chemical media in them, they are only limited to providing mechanical and biological filtration.



  • Provides both mechanical as well as biological filtration for the tank
  • Helps to improve the overall water flow rate of the aquarium
  • Its cleaning process can very easily be enhanced with the use of certain devices


  • Doesn’t provide any sort of chemical filtration

Fluval 406 Review

fluval 406 reviewNow this phosphate cleaner from Fluval is just perfect if you have a relatively higher phosphate level in your aquarium and are in need of an effective solution for it.

Phosphates may not directly harm the fish, but they do form a breeding ground on which algae blooms. So, an elevated phosphate level can indeed cause problems and deplete the oxygen content of the tank dramatically.

Phosphates naturally occur as bi-products of waste in the tank, and this is exactly what this filter model from Fluval seeks to remove.

Phosphates are internally induced from uneaten food, plant decay, fish feces as well as from dead fishes themselves.

Hence, it’s essential to always be on top of your fish tank phosphate problems, and how better to do it than with this pre-filter?

We absolutely love how easy it is to use it, and this value pack also comes with 2 months worth of media which is just fantastic.

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What could have been better?

As this is a full-blown filter and pre-filter, it would have been better if it treated more than the chemical wastes in the water. A bit of bio cleaning on the side would make this the ideal product in our eyes.



  • Cleans up phosphates from the water extremely well
  • Easy to use and install
  • Comes with 12 months worth of media


  • Is only capable of phosphate and chemical cleaning, and does no bio and solid particle cleaning

Final Thoughts

When it comes to maintaining the perfect aquarium and the perfect aquarium environment, the filters, the water flow, and even the lighting play a very crucial role. And Fluval and all of their products keep all of these things in mind to give you the best in aquarium treatment that not many can compete with.

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