Fluval Edge Aquarium Review

The current aquarium market is filled with fish tanks which may function differently but evidently look more or less the same.

The same bland, box-like hefty design is tried and tested, and it is something that most manufacturers tend to incline towards, leaving all creativity behind.

However, Fluval Edge is one of the very few manufacturers who like to think out of the box. Their latest line of aquariums come with one of the most attractive designs the market has to offer.

They are built to be the perfect accessory to any modern living space and is an ideal choice for those who have been keeping fish for years now and want something different from a traditional tank.

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Fluval Edge Review 2019: Why should you go for it?

The Fantastic Design

fluval edge 6 gallon review

When we first laid our eyes on the Fluval Edge Aquarium, “sleek” was the word that immediately came into our minds. The design is very contemporary and supports glass on all 6 sides so that you can view your fish from every angle, even from the top.

Fluval Edge goes for a contemporary appeal with their models, leaving behind the more traditional and rethinking in a much more practical and aesthetically pleasing way.

The base of the tank is colored and designed in such a way that it matches the rest of the hood and the back panel that supports it.

The back panel is the more functional part of the Fluval Edge; not only does it connect the base with the hood, but stores the extra equipment and hides the unsightly wires as well.

As the base supports black color, it can effortlessly fit into any home decor and not look out of place.

Cycle Guard Filtration System

The Fluval Edge comes with an extremely powerful and efficient filtration system which is conveniently hung on the back of the tank.

The filter cleans the water in the tank through three separate stages, where each stage caters to one particular cleaning process so that the system can be as thorough as possible.

The primary stage or the mechanical stage includes a foam filter which actively traps larger particles and debris to remove them from the water manually.

The second stage, called the chemical stage, contains a carbon insert which works towards absorbing DOC along with odors and impurities.

Lastly, the biological stage, which contains a biological insert that encourages the growth of friendly bacteria and deals with nitrogenous toxins that may arise from degrading organic compounds.

Proper surface to water gas exchange is also something that this filter propagates. It helps to provide the perfect amount of oxygen in the water to keep your fish healthy and safe.

A fantastic LED lighting system

fluval edge reviewWhen it comes to their LED, Fluval Edge has provided their tank with two separate daytime and nighttime systems. During daylight hours, the LEDs can support a bright white light of about 7600 k, and in the night time setting, the bulbs can dim into a deep blue hue for a very soothing and relaxing effect.

If you want to raise a lot of aquatic plants along with fish, then the white daylight setting will come rather handy. It can also create a very beautiful shimmering sparkle on the water surface when coupled with the action of the filter’s fan.

What about the Fluval Edge Aquarium that disappoints?

If you are planning to collect and keep a vast number of species, then this tank may not be the ideal pick for you. The small size limits the total number you can house, so it’s better to read the dimensions before investing in it.

Additionally, for beginners, the tank can indeed be very hard to clean. Its unique design is quite hard to get your hands around and requires a lot of additional cleaning agents for adequate cleaning.



  • One of the most aesthetically pleasing fish tank
  • The filtration system works in three separate stages to clean the water
  • LED lighting comes in two illumination settings
  • The filters conveniently balance out the oxygen levels in the water as well


  • The small tank capacity will limit the number of fish you can keep
  • Not beginner friendly at all


If you have been keeping fish for some time but have gotten tired of the age-old, box-like design of the tank, then the Fluval Edge might just be your pick for the day. With one of the best designs and filtration systems in the market, it can be a lot more than just a table top accessory for your home.

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