Kessil A360X Tuna Blue LED Aquarium Light Review

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Searching for lights that can be mounted very close to the water and spread wonderfully across the aquarium? We have found the perfect product for you!

We know about the different concerns that can bug you before selecting lights for an aquarium, and we will help you in the process.

Some queries plagued us a lot before settling for Kessil lights. The lights had to reach till the bottom to have the desired effect and it had to spread evenly across the surface. To find such aquarium lights was no easy task.

Nevertheless, we came across Kessil A360X, and we knew this was the one. The colors of these lights are vibrant and reflect off corals at the bottom. This creates enthralling reflections across the water surface.

We have further noted down the best features going by our experience.

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Kessil A360X Review 2020: Why Buy This Product?

kessil a360x reviewThese lights not only provide a stunning look and feel to the aquarium but also help plants grow at the bottom of the tank.

Advanced Color Control

These lights are perfect for reef tanks. It begins with a vibrant blue glow, which slowly makes way to natural daylight. Kessil has fine-tuned these Dense Matrix LEDs in such a way that we found the light to be reflecting off the corals at the bottom.

The adjustable spectrum will help you choose the shade of color you want to see while Kessil logic will make sure that there is a balanced spectrum. This device has better color control features than most with unlimited color combinations that you could choose from.

Low Dimming and Better Transitioning

We loved how smoothly the lights would transform. At night we could shift to moonlight effect where a dim glow would be present, which would allow your fishes to sleep peacefully. Very vibrant lights at night are not suitable for the wellbeing of your marine friends. Also, the moonlight glow sets up a very aesthetic ambiance in the room.


Do you want to bring the natural shimmering effects of the ocean into your house? You will find a beautiful shimmering effect, thanks to Kessil, which gives your tank a beautiful sunlit feel. This is a far cry from the shimmer produced by a Metal Halide fixture, which looks a lot more artificial.

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Thanks to the presence of Patented Dense Matrix LED technology, there are multiple LED chips in one single row, which helps create a very powerful light source. This light is strong enough to spread throughout the water and penetrate till the bottom of your tank.

Kessil A360X has a penetration capacity of 24 to 30 inches. You can also choose to use the narrow reflector to penetrate deeper, but this accessory has to be purchased separately. We will suggest you buy this if you have a deep tank in the house.


Gone are the days when the lights needed a cord or wire to operate. The Wifi dongle will connect with the K-link connector, which will pair with your phones, both Android and iOS. The intuitive app impressed us a lot as it let us monitor daily automated programming and manual programming for photoshoots of our pretty fishes.

We showed off the beautiful hue of our fish tank when we had a house party recently where we kept the glow at par with our surrounding lights. Some even asked us about the lights and where we got it from.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The product works wonderfully for a medium-sized tank but would need additional support if you are going to use it for a bigger tank. This would not be an issue if you already know about it and would buy other lights that can be paired with these from the very beginning.



  • Smoother color transitioning and dimming
  • 90 Watts, which is 25% brighter than older versions
  • More color control
  • Unlimited color combinations
  • Can be used with optical accessories


  • Not suitable for bigger tanks


An aquarium not only houses your pet fishes but is also a decor element in the house. And believe us, it can change the whole aesthetics of a room if the right lights are used. Imagine a beautiful shimmering fish tank greeting you everyday post returning home. Don’t forget to get corals for the tank because they reflect these lights perfectly.

Not only will Kessil A360X help your aquarium to give off a very positive vibe, but it will also keep the kids entertained. Bring home these brilliant lights today.

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