Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium Review

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There may be a lot of fish in the sea, but there certainly aren’t enough in your tiny fishbowl!

What good is an aquarium that doesn’t come with enough surface area for you to gaze at, to appreciate its beauty? Fishes too need a larger surface area to survive and thrive, and that’s why aquarium enthusiasts despise ultra-small fish tanks.

Also, decorating our interiors with beautiful aquariums adds another star to its appearance; however, we have to be very selective about which design suits the decor. It’s hard to find an elegant-looking fish tank that complements almost any interior decoration.

With that being said, numerous reader friends of ours had recommended that we review the Red Sea Max Nano. Frankly, we were quite amazed by its appearance at the very first glance.

So, let’s check out why this product stands out from its competition!

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Red Sea Max Nano Review 2020: Why Buy This Product?

red sea max nano reviewIt’s not just us – anyone who has seen this aquarium at least once will understand why it’s so well sung of, in a jiffy. The Red Sea brand has been previously well-known for offering suitable quality aquariums, but the Max Nano fish tank takes it to a whole new level.

So, without beating around the bush, let’s dive deep into its core features!

Size and Capacity

As you already know, one of the most important features that determine the value of an aquarium is its capacity and size. Although smaller tanks are available at a reasonable budget, those aren’t as attractive. On the other hand, larger fish tanks are eye-candy, but these aren’t the easiest to store and clean for most homeowners.

On that note, the Red Sea Max Nano bridges the gap between small and large aquariums with its spacious 20-gallon capacity. In terms of size, the dimensions of this tank measure 21.4” x 21” x 22”, which isn’t the largest we’ve seen, but not the tiniest either. Overall, it proves to be quite convenient to store and clean.

Glass Quality

To our surprise, the glass came with a thickness of 88 mm and appeared to be crystal clear. It’s so spotless that if you can manage to filter the water on time, you won’t even realize that the tank is protected with glass!

Also, while testing, the glass qualified to be extremely sturdy and reliable, earning a thumbs up from our experts.

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Circulation Pump

Moving on to the USP of this product, its European Eco Pump is capable of offering an outstanding water flow of 950 l/h. In case you’re confused by the terminologies, the pump circulates the water volume about 12 times through the filter in an hour.

Furthermore, numerous aquarium enthusiasts complain that the underlying dead spots in fish tanks can result in the buildup of detritus on the corals. On that note, the circulation pump also comes with eyeball nozzles that safeguard the corals from it, creating a safer environment for the fishes to live.

Other Noteworthy Features

Red Sea has raised the bar higher for product quality with its NANO protein skimmer. It is supported by the REEF-SPEC’s SPS coral criteria, which balances the water to air ratio at 3:1. Furthermore, the media shelf supplies 100 g dosages of REEF-SPEC carbon to maintain the cleanliness of the water.

Last but not least, its automatic top-off comes with a 0.4-gallon water reservoir attached in the back, which makes the aquarium a lot more self-sufficient in terms of cleaning.

What Could Have Been Better?

Honestly, this product screams perfection from every angle and features some out-of-the-box features that aren’t present in most fish tanks in the market. So, performance-wise, we have nothing to complain about. Nevertheless, we wish that its price would’ve been a little lower so that more buyers could afford it.



  • Spacious 20-gallon fish tank
  • 4-gallon water reservoir
  • European Eco pump
  • 88 mm thick glass


  • A tad bit expensive

Our Verdict

If you’re an average homeowner with an undying love for aquariums, Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium is an excellent product for you to consider. As it can fit anywhere, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough storage space in your apartment. So, by increasing your budget a bit, you can avail of this absolute value-for-money product.

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