SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Review

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Aquariums are some of the most peaceful household accessories that one can ask for.

Petting a school of fish atop of it is again is a very rewarding pastime, and can help one calm down and relax after a stressful day of work.

So, if you’re in search of a new aquarium, or better still, looking to purchase your very first one, then SeaClear has a model which is incredibly easy to set up and maintain.

SeaClear as a brand has a reputation for hearing out their customer’s needs and demands and providing them with precisely what they are looking for.

And their latest Acrylic Aquarium Set is just amazing when it comes to helping the beginner as well as the adept fish rearer with all their aquarium needs.

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SeaClear Aquarium Review 2020: What makes this Acrylic Aquarium highly rated?

seaclear aquarium reviewSeaClear has been a household name in the fish rearing department for some years, and it’s not all that surprising why.

With a line of incredibly affordable and effective range of fish care products, they have something to offer everyone.

So, what are some of the fantastic positives of their latest fish tanks?

A very durable tank design

Now, the acrylic body design is what makes this fish tank so very durable and much more long-lasting than some of the other aquarium models out there today.

Acrylic aquariums have been getting quite popular of late, and it’s not surprising why that is the case. This synthetic material is not just resistant to various forms of accidental damage but is much lighter than glass as well.

In terms of clarity, acrylic is as clear as glass in that category, and you’ll be able to see the aquatic life perfectly well with this SeaClear model.

The tank is quite long-lasting, and with the right maintenance, it is capable of lasting you a lifetime.


Bigger aquariums, especially the 50-gallon ones, can be rather daunting to those who are still very new to petting fish.

However, even with its larger tank capacity, the SeaClear 50-gallon Aquarium is very beginner-friendly. It has a lot of easy to use features pre-installed such as filters and bright lighting, which any amateur can effortlessly get the hang of.

These extra features are made out of some of the highest quality of materials, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking down soon if you’re generally putting them through a lot of rough use.

They are very easy to maintain and will last you almost as long as the tank does.


Most aquariums out there are prone to leaks and will evidently form puddles on the floor in the long run on which anyone can step and slip-on.

Moreover, cleaning up the water and then refilling the tank periodically is a hassle not many are willing to take.

SeaClear solves this problem with the help of the acrylic fibers and expertly sealing off the tank around the edges. This further allows the model to be very easy to clean, while significantly reducing the chances of sudden and accidental leakage.

The tank provides an excellent safeguard against all such problems, which would have otherwise dampened your fish petting experience.

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What about this tank set disappoints?

When it comes to some of the cons, the first aspect that comes to our mind is the lack of a completely closed circle.

Sure, the tank takes away some of the petting problems by providing its own miniature ecosystem, but you will still have to put in regular maintenance to get it to run smoothly.

You will have to invest a few minutes each day to clean it as the plants cannot completely get rid of the bacteria.

Secondly, even though the stationary lid can come in handy for raising fish that tend to jump a lot, it’s still going to be very inconvenient for a lot of users who desire a bit more flexibility out of the tank.



  • The acrylic body keeps it durable and light, helping it to last you a lifetime
  • User-friendly features and designs make it perfect for beginners
  • Expert acrylic sealing around the edges keeps the tank leakproof
  • Comes with an amazing 50 gallon of tank space


  • Lacks a completely closed circle
  • The lid is stationary and can be inconvenient for many users

Final Thoughts

For both beginners and the more adept fish rearers, the SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium can be an amazing fish tank model to have.

Not only is it incredibly durable, but also very easy to use and comes with an amazing amount of tank space.

We hope that you found our review today to be helpful.

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