SunSun 5-Stage External Canister Filter Review May 2024

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Keeping an aquarium is undoubtedly one of the best decisions you will ever make. Aquatic pets are calming, relaxing, and have a soothing effect.

That is until you have to clean the aquarium. Then all hell breaks loose, and you have to take extra time to make sure your pets have a clean environment. While there are water filters that purport to do the job for you, they seldom, if ever, give the desired results.

So you can imagine our surprise when we got our hands on the Sunsun canister filter, which we had expected to be another run-of-the-mill product. Instead, the device ended up revealing some nifty features, and today we’d like to share them with you.

So let’s take a dip.

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Sunsun Canister Filter Review May 2024: Why Buy This Product?

sunsun canister filter reviewYour watery friends need a clean environment to live in, and aquarium filters are meant to provide them with just that. These devices are intended to clean dust, organic compounds, and other pollutants in the water.

They also control algal growth and keep mineral levels under control. While most filters advertise more and deliver less, the Sunsun canister filter is an exception. Read on to find out why is that the case.

Durable Construction

The Sunsun canister filter is an external filter, which means it is meant to be installed outside the aquarium. Made from durable materials, the device has a robust build that delivers on the promise of long term performance. Further, the product is designed to accommodate several add-ons, which make the filtration process better.

Excellent Filtration Capabilities

It goes without saying that the most crucial feature of any filter is its filtration capability, and the Sunsun canister filter doesn’t disappoint in this respect. With a five-stage filtration system, the device ensures that your aquatic pets have a clean environment in which they won’t just live, but thrive.

Adding the UV sterilizer to that and you’ve got an aquarium free of bacteria, spores, and algal bloom. The filter comes with a 9-watt UV sterilizer included to ensure microorganism-free aquariums.

Low Noise Levels

Usually, aquarium filters generate noticeable noise; this can range from irritating hummings to downright disturbing dins. The Sunsun product, thankfully, doesn’t have this problem. While it would be wrong to say that the device is absolutely silent, its noise levels are barely audible, and you’d have to be standing with your ear to the filter to hear anything.

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High Capacity

The next aspect of this product that we’d like to highlight is the capacity, and here too, Sunsun canister filter is a clear winner. The product has enough power to filter up to 150-gallon fish tanks and has an impressive flow rate of 2,000 liters per hour. This makes it one of the filters with the best capacity in its class.

Easy To Assemble And Use

The last benefit that we’d like to mention is that this product is straightforward to assemble and put to use. The device comes with elaborate instructions, and this makes the assemblage easier. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts!

What Could’ve Been Better?

There’s no doubt regarding the fact that this is an excellent product, but a few points of contention remain. Firstly, we’d like to talk about the UV sterilization feature; this can become too intrusive on your pets if left unsupervised. So it would be best if you keep a close eye on it.

Secondly, the self-priming feature of the product leaves something to be desired, and we had to manually prime the device while setting it up for the first time. Other than these two minor downsides, there’s nothing else we could find worth complaining about.



  • High capacity filter with low noise levels
  • Easy to assemble and set up
  • 5-stage filtration capabilities
  • Built-in UV sterilizer



  • UV sterilization needs constant supervision
  • Has to be manually primed the first time


With that, we have come to the end of our review of the Sunsun canister filter. It’s clear from the above that this is an exceptional device that provides excellent filtration capabilities and flow capacity at an affordable cost. Low on noise, easy to assemble, and with a robust build, this is a product that offers optimal value for your money.

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