Omlet Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Review Jun 2024

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omlet chicken coop reviewsWe all know the disadvantages of herding hens in small and messy chicken coops. So, it’s no surprise why they are slowly dropping in popularity as more new and advanced coop models are coming out.

The Omlet Eglu Cube is one such product that has been taking over the market by storm, and it’s all due to its brilliant design.

Flexibility, ease of use and bird comfort is what defines the Eglu Cube the best, and when we put it to the test ourselves, we were quite taken aback to find how amazingly effective it was in rearing our chicken.

So, here is what we thought of it.

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Eglu Chicken Coop Jun 2024: Why should you go for the Omlet Chicken Coop?


The Omlet Eglu is designed to be as flexible as possible and is well equipped in providing your chickens with the much-needed comfort during the roosting time.

It has a very cozy nesting box which is separated from the rest of the coop and can be easily accessed from three sides. The egg collector is placed separately as well; it’s called the “eggport” and is made to sit near the rear panel door so that it can give complete access to the rest of the cube.

The nesting box is separated from the roosting bars by a convenient in-between sliding door which can be closed at night so that your chickens can rest comfortably.

Ease of Maintenance

eglu chicken coop reviewsUnlike in wooden coops or even other standard modern coop models in the market, the Eglu Cube comes with removable roosting bars, hence they are very easy to clean and as it sits over a slide out dropping tray, you can effortlessly dump all the waste into a compost heap and get the coop to be squeaky clean in no time.

This makes the coop model a much more hygienic option than their wooden counterparts, where chickens tend to fall sick more often than not.

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The Eglu Cube is extremely easy to access. Its door can be conveniently opened and closed by a lift and twist handle, and as it also comes with a non-slip ladder, your hens can safely get in and out without tumbling over.

Additionally, another aspect of this coop which we absolutely love is the portability. The Eglu Cube comes with wheels, and you can easily move it around your yard whenever you want.

In terms of added accessories, the cube has everything that your chickens might need. Not only does it have specialized container for food and water, but it also comes with a rain cover, and small egg collecting boxes to help make your job easier.


eglu cube reviewThe Eglu Cube is certified to be chicken safe. The coop along with the run is incredibly durable and sturdy and comes with one of the highest “fox proof” ratings in the market.

And if you’re afraid that your chickens will make a run for it every time you open the coop door, then you can rest assured that the Eglu Cube will not let that happen.

It has a separate stable door to the run which you can partially open to replenish all the food and water for your hens and not compromise their safety in any way.

What about the Omlet Eglu Cube CHicken Coop that could have been better?

Well, not everything was perfect with the Omlet Eglu as there were a few problems that we had with it, most of which was with assembly.

Putting together the whole coop was extremely tricky, to say the least. The instructions were not all that easy to follow, and it took us the better part of the afternoon to just get it functional, but without the wheels attached.

Moreover, it’s a much more expensive choice than most other models in the market and may be out of reach for a lot of chicken rearers.



  • Extremely easy to clean and manage than wooden coops
  • Durable and sturdy design with fantastic fox proof rating
  • Designed to be very easily accessible from all sides
  • Lightweight and portable



  • Assembly is incredibly tricky
  • Costs a lot more than other standard coops


All in all, even though Omlet Eglu Cube might just be a much more expensive option for a coop, it’s worth every penny in our books with all the features that it comes with. Not only will it last a considerably longer period than wooden coops,  but it is far more hygienic as well.

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