Best Beds For Kittens 2020

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Editor’s Choice: Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Duplex Pet Bunk Bed

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I’m the loving owner of two large cats. If you’re a cat owner too, you know they love to sleep.

Cats will sleep on average up to 15 to 20 hours every day. They really like warm, comfy and snug places. Some cats also like some sort of cover over their heads while they sleep.

Due to their preference for warmth, you’ll often see them sitting on top of your laptop, the fridge or anywhere where it’s warm. They will also probably like the heat of your body and will snuggle up to you on your bed or couch.

Pretty soon, you’re going to start seeing fur all over the place. So if you want your cat to sleep in a designated place, you’ll have to get it a bed of its own.

And after trying out many products, here are my reviews of some of the better cat beds in the market today. Let’s get started, shall we?

Best Cat Bed 2020: My Top Picks

Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Duplex Pet Bunk Bed

best heated cat bedsArm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Duplex Pet Bunk Bed is a well designed double bunk cat bed made out of polyester fabric. This is a great option as I have two cats which usually like to sleep close to each other.

If you have a cat that always wants to be next to you while you sleep, you will eventually end up fighting for space. However, this bed lets one of your cats (the one on the top bed) sleep on the same level as you, so the cat still has you in its field of vision.

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The polyester fabric itself is quite comfortable for the cats. I added in a fleece blanket as well over the cushioning just to make it warmer and more comfortable for my cats.

One of the things I like is that the fabric is chew-proof and can’t be tampered with. There are no dangling threads so your cat can’t chew or play with the bed.

  • Comfortable
  • Removable pillows and mattress for easy washing
  • Easy access to the bed in front
  • Single space for two cats
  • Your cats may fight for the top bunk

Bowsers Urban Lounger Bed

best cat caveBowsers Urban Lounger Bed is made for medium size dogs, and so it can easily accommodate two cats if they are both less than 13 pounds. My cats are a little on the larger side, so a single one of them would pretty much take up the whole bed.

The first thing I noticed about this product is the leathery brown color which totally fits in with the color scheme of my house. It’s definitely one of the best looking cat beds out there.

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It’s a square shape padded bed with orthopedic foam underneath. The padding made out of upholstery grade fabrics is really comfortable and you don’t need to add in any blankets. This bed is ideally shaped if your cat likes to sleep curled up into a ball.

The best feature of this bed is that it has separate cushions with covers on all four sides and the bottom. Therefore, if you have to clean the bed, you can simply unzip each individual cover and throw them in the washing machine. Easy-peasy!

  • Superb looking
  • Cushioned walls
  • Separate covers for each cushion
  • High-quality craftsmanship and durability
  • Slightly expensive

Bowsers Salsa Style Donut Bed

best cat bed for older catsA donut-shaped bed is ideal for pets which like to sleep curled up. Bowsers Salsa Style Donut Bed is offered in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can choose one which fits the color scheme of your house exactly. The enclosed shape also gives your cat a sense of personal space and aids to its peace of mind.

Made out of virgin polyester fabric, the bed also has a memory foam mattress at the bottom. The upholstery has tufting inside it which prevents the fibre from clumping or shifting to one side. If you have younger cats which like to move around a lot, this feature is perfect as it prevents the bed’s construction from getting disturbed.

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The cushion wrappers can simply be unzipped and then washed and dried in a washing machine with the rest of your clothes. And the wrappers themselves are tremendously hardy and will easily stand up to all the abuse your kitty might put it through.

The only problem is that your pet essentially has to jump or climb into the bed as the walls are of equal height throughout the circle. So if your cat is older or arthritic, it might not be the best fit.

  • Donut shaped design
  • Anti-clumping fiber
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent quality
  • Not suitable for older, less mobile pets

Topleader Pet Bed with Leash and Pillow Pet Sofa Lounger Bed

best cat heating padMade out of a mixture of corncob fabric, cotton, oxford cloth and suede fabric, Topleader Pet Bed is super plush and immensely comfortable for all pets. As far as comfort goes, it doesn’t get much better with this bed. The mixture of materials also ensures the bed stays warm even when it’s cold outside.

Adding to the comfort, there are padded, raised rims along the boundary which can serve as neck and armrests for your furry friends. The mattress also has a rubber-like grip to the bottom which prevents it from skidding on the floor. One of the walls is lowered so your pets can step in and out easily.

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The pillow cover material itself is totally chew-proof and also waterproof all year round. Cleaning it is as easy as just tossing it into the washing machine and that’s it.

This bed also comes with a leash in case you don’t want your pet wandering around at night. The bed is also big enough to accommodate two grown cats.

  • Very comfortable
  • Odorless
  • Detachable bottom mattress
  • Highly durable
  • Included leash
  • The side walls might move around

Buying Guide To Cat Bed

When looking for a bed for your cats, it’s essential to look into these details before making a purchase.

Cushion Material

This is the most important feature of a bed. When it comes to cats, just making the mattresses as plush as possible won’t work. You want to make sure that the material is non-toxic and doesn’t have any odors.

Also, cats like it warm, so it’s a great choice if the material is heat retentive. Otherwise you might want to consider moving the bed to a spot in the house which has a lot of sunlight.

Cushion Wrapper Material

Make no mistake, cats will try to chew, scratch, claw, bite and tear the cushion covers to the best of their abilities. If the cushion cover has loose fibers, threads, tassels or beads, your cats might end up chewing and swallowing them which could be very harmful to the cat.

Make sure there are no loose fibers and try to get a cushion wrapper as tamper-proof as possible. If you can’t get a bed like that, make sure that you cover the bed with a blanket or bed-sheet which is made of non harmful organic material such as cotton or wool.

Ease of Washing

Cat beds are often filled with cat hair, fur, fleas, dirt on its paws and can have a lot of bacteria. Hence, it’s important to clean the beds at least once a week. You’ll need to clean the mattress much more frequently than the side walls.

Hence, it’s best to get a bed which has separate covers for the mattress and the side walls if there are any. You would want a cushion wrapper that can be easily unzipped and then machine-washed.

The shape of the bed

Some cats have absolutely no problems sleeping anytime anywhere. Others, however, have preferences. Most cats enjoy a circular donut-shaped bed as it lets them curl up into their favorite sleeping position. If you are getting a circular bed, make sure the diameter of the bed is at least a few inches longer than your cat.

Some cats also like the feeling of shelter or a roof over its head while it sleeps. That’s why cats often sleep under furniture, your car or other appliances. It makes them feel more secure and gives them a space of their own.

You’ll find plenty of cave or den shaped beds on the market which have an entrance in the front where your cat goes in or out. Make sure the entrance wall isn’t that high so your cat can simply walk into it without jumping.

Consider a heated bed

Heated beds are usually much more expensive than your normal cat beds. But if you absolutely want to ensure that your cat likes the bed and sleeps in it instead of somewhere else, get it a heated bed.

This is especially important if you live in a place which has very cold climate or your cat has joint pain and arthritis. Ensure that the heating element is tucked safely inside the bed and never comes in contact with your cat.


Getting the right cat bed can be tricky because there is no way to tell beforehand if your cat will like it or not. A good tip is to place the bed near a sunny spot or near a spot where you’ve seen your cat go to sleep a number of times before.

The cat might not start sleeping in the bed on the first day, but if it sees a bed very close-by to where it sleeps, it will eventually start exploring it. That being said, if your cat isn’t that fussy, any of the beds mentioned above could be a very good choice.

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