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FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats, Cat Tower 2 Cozy Plush Condos and Sisal Posts Cat House UPCT61W
3,643 Reviews
FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats, Cat Tower 2 Cozy Plush Condos and Sisal Posts Cat House UPCT61W
  • WIDENED TOP PERCH: Plush and extra large top lounger with raised edge offers prime relaxation for your feline friends

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Any feline pet owner will tell you that cats are incredibly active beings when they are young and beginning to grow claws.

But that’s not to say that the older ones are not capable of violent bursts of energy every now and then.

Purring and scratching the table while toppling over expensive vases on a whim is part of satisfying their natural instincts.

And this is precisely where a cat tree comes in; it will help your feline buddy to have something to interact with as they play.

Being the proud owner of a Scottish Fold myself, let me just tell you that a cat tree is a godsend when it comes to protecting the furniture around the house.

And to help out my fellow cat owners out there today, I have come up with a list of some of the best cat trees that the market has to offer.

Best Cat Condos Jul 2024

Best Cat Tree For Large Cats: FEANDREA

cat trees for large catsIf you have lighter cats who love to climb, then the FEANDREA cat tree might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

They are some of the most comfortable tree models out there today, and cats just love the soft plushy feeling of their beds.

Why do I recommend it?

Do keep in mind that I am recommending this cat tree with the lighter felines in mind and not the heavier tabbies.

The whole model is specifically designed to that purpose and may have a tendency to wobble if a heavier cat chooses to get on it and move around.

What I love so much about this model is the soft plush feel that it has. It has spacious condos and platforms all around making it the ideal tree for your cats to nap on.

Additionally, the tree also supports conveniently placed lounging tunnels which can allow your cats a very favorable view over the house, and we know how much a cat loves to survey the ground around.

The cat tree is fun to play with as well and supports a multi-level design which will allow your feline friends to freely jump around the tower.

FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats, Cat Tower 2 Cozy Plush Condos and Sisal Posts Cat House UPCT61W
3,643 Reviews
FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats, Cat Tower 2 Cozy Plush Condos and Sisal Posts Cat House UPCT61W
  • WIDENED TOP PERCH: Plush and extra large top lounger with raised edge offers prime relaxation for your feline friends

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  • Padded with plush cushioning which makes for a very comfortable napping experience
  • Multi-level structure for a fun jumping and perching experience
  • One of the best cat tree models for lightweight active cats


  • Not suited for use by heavier cats and may wobble

Best Cat Scratching Post: Molly and Friends

cat trees for saleThis cat tree model from Molly and Friends is just incredible when it comes to housing multiple cats at the same time.

My neighbor George has one of these in the living room, and he just loves how sturdy it is with larger than average beds and resting areas.

Why do I recommend it?

Now, George has around 3 Bengal kittens which used to run amok around the house tearing through his expensive sofas and cushions whenever they pleased.

But after getting this deluxe scratching post, he noticed that his kittens (now pretty grown-up) are confining themselves exclusively near the cat tree and playing with it.

The tree comes with natural thick sisal ropes which his cats just love to sink their teeth and claws into.

And as this one is a particularly handmade model from Molly and Friends, it is designed to be incredibly sturdy and will hardly require much assembly when it arrives at your doorstep.

However, what disappointed George about this tree is the color.

Though the product description promised beige poles with brown base and beds, the final product was anything but that and wasn’t as aesthetically pleasing as he had wished it to be.

But with the convenience and utility it brings for his cats, I hardly ever see him complain about it.

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  • Has large beds and resting areas to support all types of cats
  • Sturdy design and doesn’t wobble
  • Designed with Silas ropes which cats love to play with


  • The color it comes in is not as advertised

Best Cat Tree With Hammock: CatastrophiCreations

cat tree with litter boxThis CatastrophiCreations cat tree model was the one that I got for Timothy last month, and I won’t be exaggerating if I said that it took to it immediately and hardly ever leaves the perching posts, except during mealtime.

Why do I recommend it?

If you’re a newer cat owner or are not very familiar with the different types of cat breeds, you may not know much about a Scottish Fold and the trouble that comes with raising one.

They are some of the most active domestic cats and are constantly doing something with their nails, which may include tearing through your sofa on a daily basis.

Now, this playable tree/hammock helped me channelize Timothy’s overactive tendencies into something that can help with his growth.

The wall-mounted complexes of the product encouraged him to engage in species-typical behavior and stimulated him mentally and have a healthier development phase.

The design is incredibly beautiful to look at as well and goes rather well in my living room, and it is the perfect conversation starter!

However, one issue that I had with this cat tree is with the assembly. It doesn’t support itself all that well on drywalls, and the instructions weren’t all that clear about it.

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  • Very attractive and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Will help to stimulate the overall growth of your cat
  • Perfect for all active cats, lightweight or heavy


  • Assembly is quite difficult and I wouldn’t recommend DIY-ing it

Best Cat Tree With Leaves: CozyCatFurniture

cat tree for fat catsTo be honest, I wouldn’t have thought of including this CozyCatFurniture cat tree model on my list today if I didn’t have a first-hand experience of it at my sister’s place.

I just loved how tree-like this model was, and it is just fantastic when it comes to giving your cat some of the most authentic outdoor experience.

Why do I recommend it?

As I have mentioned, this cat tree model is one of the most realistic to look at with its brown colors, leaves, and green fabric.

The Silas ropes helped to give her cats the feeling of being outdoors, while the fur of the cat tree gave it the much-needed comfort and sense of softness to help them feel relaxed and at ease.

In my experience, this cat tree is quite luxurious when compared to some of the other standard models out there in the market today.

It has really wide lower and upper-middle shelves which help it to cater to the needs of both lightweight and heavy cats.

However, one disadvantage of this model is with the tunnel holes which are not big enough for adult cats.

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  • A very realistic tree-like design which will help your cat have a sense of being outdoors
  • One of the most luxurious cat tree models on the list today
  • Wide lower and upper-middle shelves to support all types of cats


  • The tunnel holes are only wide enough for smaller cats

A Guide To Buying the Right Cat Tree

Before you invest in a cat tree of choice, I believe that it’s important to pick a model that suits your purposes and needs perfectly.

So here are some of the things to consider before investing in one which you fancy.

The size of your cat and its habits

Your cat’s size is one of the biggest factors that determine the type of tree that you need to get for it.

Much like the collar, harness, leash or the winter sweater, the cat tree too should be customized to the size of your cat.

There are a variety of cat tree models out there in the market today. So, if your cat is young, lightweight and loves a good climb like my Timothy, then a tall narrow tree should be the best fit.

If the cat breed is larger, then cat trees which boast a larger platform would be the wiser option.

P.S: Looking for the weight limit near the product description bar will clear up most of the confusion.

Do you own one or more cats?

Now, buying a cat tree is a lot like buying cat litter; you have to keep in mind the total number of cats you own before investing in either.

This is one area in which I noticed that a lot of people (especially the newer cat owners) make mistakes.

First-time cat tree customers do not think of the available space before making a purchase.

If you have a lot of cats, it’s important to make sure that there is enough space on the tree to accommodate all of them at the same time.

Hence, you will have to take in their number and individual sizes if you want to invest in the right one.

The age of your cat

The cat’s age is another factor which a lot of customers fail to ascertain when getting a tree.

Older cats are not as agile as their younger counterparts and generally tend to have a tougher time getting to higher reaches.

Hence, if your feline companion has aged significantly, then it’s best not to opt-in for the taller cat towers which have a steeper gripping surface.

Get one which has platforms at closer intervals and are placed much closer on the ground for the cat to easily get onto without exerting itself too much.

Number of levels

Cats love a good climb, especially when they are young.

So, the more levels that a tree has, the more will the cat be able to enjoy itself.

Studies show that, much like their wilderness cousins, domestic cats too have the natural instinct of climbing up high and surveying the ground around.

And for certain cat breeds, the higher the tree, the better. Climbing multiple levels will keep them healthy and allow them to have stronger overall growth.

However, for older cats, too many levels may not be such a good idea.


An additional point to consider when going for a cat tree is to have a well-defined idea of where the tree is actually going to go.

Will it be in the living room or the bedroom? How much space are you leaving for it? Are there pertinent queries which need to be consciously dealt with?

Once you have the accurate base space in mind, it should be significantly easier for you to pick a model that will be perfectly able to fit into that available spot.

The quality of construction

It goes without saying that for the money that you pay for one of these, the more durable the cat tree, the better.

Plus, you don’t want it falling apart while your cat is still on it, would you?

So, try searching for a tree model that is primarily held together by nails and constructed out of high-quality wood.

This will ensure the overall longevity of the product, and your cat can play on it without a single worry.


Sturdiness is very important if you have a cat that is on the bulkier side.

If it’s going to run around and climb the various levels a lot, then you need to make sure to have a tree which is sturdy enough to be able to support its weight all throughout.

Additionally, if a cat tree has multiple bases, then it helps in keeping the entire structure upright even when the cat is moving around.

There are many standard models out there which may look spectacular in design, but in reality, tend to wobble a lot. It’s crucial to look for quality over aesthetics when it comes to the safety of your pet.

Final Thoughts

With so many cat tree designs out there today, I know how difficult it can get to pick the one that can particularly fit you and your cat’s needs. But I hope that the guide and reviews that I have brought for you today were able to help you out with your search.

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