Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light Review 2020

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Imagine looking into an aquarium with a soft glow lighting up a world underwater. These lights are perfect to bring that to life.

The right product can do wonders for your aquarium. Without proper lighting, fish tanks could look dull and unimpressive. If you want to add that extra touch to your home, get these gorgeous Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Lights. Not only will these lights deliver optimal performance but also give you a complete spectrum of colors.

If you are wondering about the different factors to consider, we will help you with that based on our experience. After all, it was after reading a lot of reviews that we decided to choose this product.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the deets.

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Current USA Orbit Marine Pro LED Review 2020: Why Buy This Product?

Ease of Installation

current usa orbit marine aquarium led light reviewIf you have not been buying LED lights for so long because of the fear of installation, we guarantee that it is not complicated. We completed the process easily though this was the first time we had been working with aquarium lights.

The lights come with an instruction manual that will guide you with exact instructions to reach your goal. We would recommend you to read the directions and precautions very carefully before beginning so that there is no room for any mistakes.

You will receive sliding docking legs, which will help in the fixing process. You have to adjust it properly so it fits the perimeter of the fish tank perfectly. Once you are done with this, attach the ramp timer and other devices that are in the box. The ramp should be kept in such a way that you can point your remote directly at it for secure communication.

Once you are satisfied with the installation, try to switch it on with the remote. We could not do it in one go and needed to straighten a few items inside the aquarium before the remote worked. You can have a working fixture at one go if you follow the manual carefully.

Easy to Control

We have been using these lights for a while, and we must say that it is extremely easy to operate. All the controls have been placed on an infrared wireless remote. All you need to do is point your remote at the lights and press the power button.

We had complete control over our remote with the ramp time controller, which gave us a lot of flexibility in monitoring the lights. The lighting can be switched on and off as well and can be dimmed over a 30 minute transition time.

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Varied Spectrum of Lights

current usa orbit marine pro led reviewYou can keep changing and adjusting the brightness according to outdoor lighting with ease. We loved the dimming feature as it played a part in building the mood in our drawing-room.

Another thing we loved is that we could actually play with the colors. You choose exactly what shade you want the light to be. At night you can select the moon pattern, which looks serene and does not keep the fishes awake at night.

What if we said that you could create a lightning storm inside your aquarium? Sounds fascinating, right? This product is such that you can fade the light, initiate a cloud cover as well as making a storm happen inside the aquatic world.

Compared to other aquarium lights, the colors are brighter and more vibrant, so kudos to the manufacturers! They paid close attention to the accurate reflection of these lights once they are switched on.

What Could’ve Been Better?

These lights work brilliantly with small to medium-sized aquariums but not so much with bigger versions. This is one thing we have noticed with time. Also, the remote is the only way to control these lights. Although this is not a glitch per se, we would recommend you to keep the remote carefully.



  • Well-designed
  • Detailed manual
  • Packed with vibrant colors
  • Not expensive
  • Customizable lighting fixture
  • Energy efficient


  • Not suitable for deep tanks
  • Adjustable only with a remote


Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Lights will provide you with an enthralling experience every time you light it up. Plug it in and see the magic happen right in front of your eyes. Please sit back and play with the different colors and effects that this product brings with it. Your aquarium and the fish inside it will thank you for installing these lights.

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