Waterbox Aquariums Review Apr 2024

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Buying an aquarium may not seem complicated at first, but it could get challenging to find the perfect one when you take a closer look.

That’s where this top of the line Waterbox Aquariums product comes into the picture.

We are thrilled with its sleek, unassuming look that can perfectly complement the interiors of any urban establishment. The no-frills appearance of this fish tank is the first thing you’ll notice as it’s silently appealing, yet conspicuous.

Not all of us want a big aquarium with all the bells and whistles, as most of us usually do not have the space to set up one. Therefore, if you’re really short on space and are searching for a simple and smart tank for your living room, office lobby or reception area, we recommend going for this option.

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Waterbox Aquarium Review Apr 2024: Why Buy This Product?

Low-Profile and Stylish Appearance

waterbox aquariums reviewFirst off, this Waterbox Aquariums unit is a rimless water tank system made out of 5-6 mm thick Starphire Ultra-Clear glass. Long story short, the transparency and thickness of the glass are perfect for viewing your fishes up close, as they swim around in a conducive microenvironment.

We especially like the beveled edges of the glass surfaces as it shows thoughtfulness and innovation on the part of the makers to add this neat visual element. We also like the laser-etched Waterbox logo on the top left corner that demands attention from the get-go.

Silent Functioning

This product has a simplistic all-in-one approach complete with a built-in overflow system and rear filtration chambers. Some aquariums make awkward bubbling and mechanical noises, which sound quite unattractive and out of place, especially in a work environment.

However, you’ll not encounter any such problem with this unit as the overflow system works silently without attracting any undue attention, thereby allowing users to incorporate their favorite mechanical filtration media in the glass cube fish tank.

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Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

We understand the users’ need to select an aquarium that’s easy to clean and maintain. That’s why we picked this pristine glass tank by Waterbox Aquariums, as it enables you to notice the slightest spots on the surface and discoloration in the water. Therefore, all you gotta do is wipe the interiors clean using a damp cloth whenever you find the glass to be a little unclear.

But there’s no need to do it frequently as changing the water takes care of most issues. Nevertheless, we’d like to remind users not to apply any chemical cleaner (detergent, soap, dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner) inside the tank as it could disrupt the pH balance and prove to be harmful to the fish. In short, a simple wipe down with water every now and then works fine.

Cost-Effective Option

This item boasts a lot of positive reviews primarily for its bargain bin price tag. Also, for a starter kit, it’s highly functional and offers a substantial range of benefits to the users. Furthermore, the aquarium comes with a leveling matt to maintain glass stability, an accessory you may not find in other compact units at this price point.

Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget, this option will work best as its low price does not reflect the quality of the item. Also, we recommend this item for beginners as they can use the money saved to add a lighting element (like this one that we have reviewed) and other accessories for a fun, aquatic environment.

What Could’ve Been Better?

You might be wondering what could be wrong about this product, especially when we couldn’t stop gushing about its features. Well, we are impressed with the quality and price of the unit, but we would’ve preferred if the aquarium came with a lid.

Besides, the absence of a manual is a minor inconvenience, as the assembly is otherwise quite simple if you have all the instructions.



  • Neat and stylish glass cube look complete with laser-etched logo
  • Noiseless overflow system; no whirring sounds
  • Value for money item
  • Easy to clean and low-maintenance option
  • Package includes a leveling mat for added stability



  • Does not come with a lid
  • No instruction manual


We are delighted with the overall quality and look of Waterbox Aquariums that can add a dynamic and elegant touch to any existing decor. All in all, it is an exceptional starter kit that will charm onlookers as they watch the colorful fishes swim around in a perfect glass cube.

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